New Album Gets A Title – New Single Gets Released

The Angels - New Album For 2014 - "Talk The Talk"Proving that Australian rock bands really are the hardest working outfits on the international music scene, touring legends The Angels are hitting the road again in 2014 to showcase their next new studio album, “TALK THE TALK“.

Today, ahead of next year’s tour, comes the release of the first single, which is the album’s own title track “TALK THE TALK“, as well as a chance to reserve your copy of the album

Drummer Nick Norton says the band are extremely proud of the finished result. “The guitar sounds, the drum sounds you’ll hear on this record are the essence of what a rock band searches for” he says.

Penned and refined over seven months while the band was on tour in 2013, the album started to take shape in hotel rooms, in the back of a Tarago and during sound check at venues around Australia. “TALK THE TALK” is the epitome of a touring band’s album. It’s a tight recording, one that is only this way because the band has spent the majority of the last year on the road together.

Formative to the new songs are the now legendary Brewster-Driven-Riffs which have continued to place The Angels right at the centre of a popular local culture that is known historically as Aussie Pub Rock. Also, when making this album the band decided not to set themselves any deadlines or timeframes, instead working tirelessly to ensure that the finished product was exactly what they wanted. The end result is the kind of record that fans of The Angels expect.

The Angels - Brewster, Gleeson, Brewster, Norton, BrewsterTALK THE TALK is a great album,” says lead singer Dave Gleeson. “I feel like I can say that because in some ways, I still get to have an outsider’s perspective… but from the inside.

To be involved with the process of writing and recording the album with both John and Rick is just such a great experience in itself – then to be able to bring something to that process was even more awesome”

Gleeson goes on to say “….to see the Brewster Brothers produce and arrange the final product has been nothing short of watching magic happen. I can’t wait to be delivering the next stage of The Angels’ brand of rock and showing off a great new selection of rock songs. Bring on 2014!”

The title track is available as a download starting today. The full album is due for release on 17th January 2014. Even better, if you choose to reserve your very own copy of the album using pre-ordering you can have the new single for free – right now.

If you’d like to get in early and own the single today… Just Click Here!

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