Angels Release ‘Face To Face Recharged’

May 14th, 2018

The Angels - Face To Face Recharged - Album Cover

Face To Face Recharged – Now Released

It’s 40 years since The Angels first released their album Face To Face – an unstoppable set of tracks which have made their way right around the world, straight up the charts and right into the very core of rock’n’rollers hearts – all while leaving a permanent imprint on Australia’s recent cultural history.

To this day, so strong is the affection for the songs on Face To Face that the band have taken the unprecedented steps to completely re-record the album in celebration of reaching its 40th Anniversary.

A Very Special Album

Face To Face – Recharged is unique! The first time ever an Australian rock record has been so permanently popular that a band can justify re-recording the entire album four decades after it’s initial release to the public.

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Rick Brewster says about the album – “Face To Face Recharged is so close to the original but after playing these songs live for 40 years some have naturally evolved, making for a few surprises… also Dave, Nick & Sam have, of course, added their uniqueness.”

‘One Electric Day’ – Heaps Of Excellent Bands

May 13th, 2018

The Angels - One Electric Day - 25th Nov 2018 - Werribee Park

One Electric Day

It’s another huge ticket value show thanks to the good people at Regional Touring.

Sun 25th Nov on The Great Lawn at Werribee Park just outside of Melbourne.

The Angels will be on stage alongside heaps of their musical mates the likes of Thirsty Merc, Richard Clapton, Jon Stevens, Ian Moss and Jimmy Barnes.

Get ready for the tickets!!

They always disappear quick and they go on sale at 9am on Fri 18th May

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‘Face To Face’ 40th Anniversary – Episode 2 – Straightjacket

May 11th, 2018

This year The Angels celebrate the 40th Anniversary of their album ‘Face To Face’ by touring to play the record live from start to finish along with a whole slew of their other chart topping singles.

In the second of a weekly 12 part series of video interviews, this episode sees Rick & John discuss how the song Straightjacket came together so quickly, the importance they place to this day on the order of album tracks, the fact that they wanted to release songs which wouldn’t become dated and how this track in particular didn’t come to fruition in the usual manner.

‘Face To Face’ 40th Anniversary – Episode 1 – The History

May 4th, 2018

This year The Angels celebrate the 40th Anniversary of their album ‘Face To Face’ by touring to play the record live from start to finish along with a whole slew of their other chart topping singles.

In the first of a weekly 12 part series of video interviews, this episode sees Rick & John Brewster discuss the overall history of how the album came to be as it unwittingly began a musical and producing partnership that would go on to see The Angels climb right inside the core of what was to become Australian pub rock.

New 12 Part Video Series For Face To Face 40th Anniversary

May 3rd, 2018

Face To Face 40th Anniversary

This year The Angels celebrate the 40th Anniversary of their album ‘Face To Face’.

A hallmark moment in Australian rock music history, the album’s release in 1978 saw the band’s new songs blaring out of car radios and back yard parties across the nation as The Angels and their new found approach to rock’n’roll relentlessly drove its way into the psyche of a whole generation of Australian youth.

This introductory video sees guitarist brothers Rick & John Brewster ready to embark on a 12 part series of interviews with Punwin Productions’ Maurice Parker as these three plumb the depths of a different track in each episode.

New Episode Each Week

Stay tuned every Friday afternoon to see each new episode either here on the band’s web site or on their Official Facebook Page.

Face To Face 40th Anniversary Tour

In recognition of this milestone The Angels will be embark this year on a string of dates for their upcoming Face To Face 40th Anniversary Tour commencing next Fri 11th May.


This unique video series has come to life thanks to the efforts of Maurice Parker & Carolyn Unwin from Punwin Productions. Maurice, who had many years ago produced the band’s ‘Eat City‘ film clip, became reacquainted with the band when he filmed The Angels live at the recent AACTA Awards. He subsequently filmed them playing the whole Face To Face album live at the Bridge Hotel.

Rick & John have really enjoyed being interviewed by Maurice for this series. His energy is that of a true enthusiast and the band would like to express their gratitude to Maurice & Carolyn and their production team for their keen interest and excellent work on these videos.

The Angels To Perform With Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

April 30th, 2018
The Angels Perform With The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra - Sat - 28th July - 2018
The Angels and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra are set to rock in a symphonic spectacular: Symphony of Angels.
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the band’s multi-platinum album Face to Face, this concert will be filmed and recorded for future release. The ASO, under the musical direction of maestro Rob John, will be joined on stage by Brewster brothers John and Rick, Nick Norton and Sam Brewster, fronted by the incomparable and charismatic Dave Gleeson.
You will enjoy a very special concert featuring more than 35 musicians on stage as well as a choir, plus the inimitable Peter Goers who will guide you through the band’s legacy.
This 30 song extravaganza will take you through The Angels’ greatest works: Take A Long Line, Marseilles, After The Rain, Be With You and Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again just to name a few.Don’t miss this symphonic rock concert with the world-class Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Aussie rock legends The Angels at Festival Theatre in the Adelaide Festival Centre on Sat 28th July.
One night only!

Face To Face 40th Anniversary Tour – Announced For 2018

March 25th, 2018

Face To Face gave birth to a string of hits for The Angels including Take A Long Line which held it’s own in the charts for an amazing 29 weeks.

The album itself stayed in the charts for a year and a half and offered up other enduring life-long mainstays like Marseilles and Be With You.


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May – July – 2018
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The Angels - Face To Face - 40th Anniversary Tour - 2018

… more to the story.

It was 1978, our Face The Face album was released and could be heard  in backyards all over the country,” says Rick Brewster…. “The era of ‘pub rock’ had begun. Bands like Cold ChiselMidnight OilDivinylsFlowersRose Tattoo,
Mi‐Sex, we were all playing venues around the country filled to overflowing, seven nights a week

The Angels got the approval from the people that mattered most, the fans who jammed into the sweaty pubs to see them play, something that hasn’t wavered in the four and a half decades since the band’s inception.

The audiences were part of the process, because in almost all cases, we wrote the songs and played them onstage,” recalls John Brewster… “Everything we did was in front of people. It wasn’t hard to see what was going over well.”

Come Back & Do It All Again
Venue Information & Tickets Here
May – July – 2018

Rock The Boat – 2019

March 12th, 2018

The Angels - Rock The Boat - 19th to 26th Oct - 2019

What an absolutely mega-lineup! Just announced so get in fast for tickets.


Suzi Quatro, The Angels . The Sweet, John Paul Young, Glenn Shorrock & Brian Cadd, Mi-Sex, Chocolate Starfish and so many more we can’t fit them all in this list.

19th to 26th Oct – 2019

The Angels are really, really looking forward to playing on this one… and they get to rock out all over again with the grand lady of rock, Suzi Quatro.

Even Molly’s Coming Along As Special Guest

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