The Angels - Take It To The Streets - Album - Front CoverThe Angels - Take It To The Streets - Album - Front Cover

Take It To The Streets – CD
The Angels


In 2011, when Doc Neeson set off to pursue a solo career, Rick and John Brewster, along with bassist Chris Bailey, decided they had to find a new singer. They’d been itching to record a new Angels album for years, they had songs and they had the hunger.

A few weeks later, Dave Gleeson (Screaming Jets) found himself walking into Sydney’s legendary Alberts Studios to record new songs with The Angels – the band that had sound-tracked his teenage years and inspired him to take up rock’n’roll as a career.

Less than half an hour later, Rick, John, Chris and Dave, along with recently recruited drummer Nick Norton, were listening back to the first new song from The Angels in more than a decade – ‘Waiting For The Sun‘. A cheer went up in the studio, smiles all round. It worked.

The Angels returned to Alberts Studios 3 times and, over 9 days in total, recorded 14 songs. There was no record deal in place, they were starting again, grabbing studio time when it was available, or when they could afford it, and not wasting a moment when they were there.

We felt like we had a real opportunity to show what we could do,” said Chris Bailey “…it was an open canvas. There were no expectations. We didn’t have to deliver for anybody but ourselves. We all wanted to be there, we all wanted to play, we all wanted to make a new Angels album. A great album” – And here it is, ‘Take It To The Streets‘.

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