The Angels - Talk The Talk - Album - Front CoverThe Angels - Talk The Talk - Album - Front Cover

Talk The Talk – CD
The Angels


Talk The Talk‘ is the second studio album with Dave Gleeson fronting The Angels, following the widely acclaimed ‘Take It To The Streets‘.

Penned and refined over seven months while the band was on tour in 2013, the album started to take shape in hotel rooms, in the back of a Mini Van and during sound check at venues around Australia. Riffs were laid down and lyric sheets were emailed between members, refining the songs until the result was a kick-ass rhythm section and heady guitar riffs – something for which The Angels are well renowned. ‘Talk The Talk‘ was jam-packed with hit songs and one of the best Aussie rock albums to be released at the time.

Drummer Nick Norton says, “Every single rock band in the world today could notably tip their hats to the Brewster Brothers twin guitar sound. Along with AC/DC’s Young brothers, the Brewsters have really defined rock guitar here and abroad. That tone, that groove, that rhythmic engine, they’re the blueprint. This album is a loud and proud testament to a band that has defined and redefined a genius formula of timeless rock music.”

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