The Angels - Face To Face - Recharged - Album - Front CoverThe Angels - Face To Face - Recharged - Album - Front Cover

Face To Face – Recharged
2 CD Set – The Angels


In 2018 The Angels celebrated the 40th anniversary of their iconic breakthrough album ‘Face to Face‘ by re-recording the original release as both a studio and live version.

When the original album was released in 1978, every star and planet in the universe was aligned for The Angels as the single ‘Take A Long Line’ went racing up the charts to become the band’s first hit.

Radio loved the entire album and right from the start it received heavy airplay. It entered the national album charts and remained there for an incredible 79 weeks. During that time, every song would etch itself deep into the psyche of a whole generation of Australians. They would become so familiar with the lyrics, that audiences of thousands could sing along word-perfect at every Angels gig. The songs could be heard in backyards and cars all over the country, tracks like ‘Take A Long Line‘, ‘Marseilles‘, ‘After The Rain‘ and ‘Be With You’, to name a few.

The liner notes didn’t reveal the hundreds of hours of inspiration and perspiration that had gone into creating every word and every note and every lick and every beat on every track. There was no indication of the tense arguments, the development of the visual image, the hunt for a unique sound, the explosions of creative energy.

‘Face to Face – Recharged’ is a faithful reproduction of the original album, with a few surprises and it includes the bonus track ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again‘.

Two Discs – One Studio Version & One Live Recording.

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‘Face To Face’ – Recharged – Studio Previews

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