The Angels - Kickin' Down The Door - CD - Front CoverThe Angels - Kickin' Down The Door - CD - Front Cover

Kickin’ Down The Door – 2 CD Set
Older Stuff, Newer Stuff & Demos
The Angels


19th October 2022 saw the massive new documentary The Angels:Kickin’ Down The Door open the Adelaide Film Festival to great acclaim.

This double album sits as a definitive companion to that hallmark documentary.

The selected tracks really move across the miles including early live recordings, rare takes, tracks from various pivotal new century concerts as well as demo takes including even the original lay up for the Mr Damage – Demo

Marvel at Rick Brewster’s crazy punk offering when you hear the very early demo for his epic urban offering titled Cut The Grass. Hear snippets of the band making comment on tape as this double album winds it’s way through a very different part of the chequered history that is The Angels.

Kickin’ Down The Door has tracks you’ve never even heard before!

*New environmental gatefold packaging

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