Two 40th Anniversary Greatest Hits Albums Out 2nd May!

April 16th, 2014

The Angels - 1974 - 2014 - Greatest Hits 'Studio' & 'Live'The 2nd May 2014 will see The Angels release two huge new album sets that are so comprehensive they’ve got their own web site.

Included in the set are 40 Live Recordings and 40 Studio Releases spread across a duo of packages each containing 3 full discs. These two album packs mark the celebrations around four decades of live shows and recording from Australia’s most enduring rock band.

With special 40th Anniversary artwork and liner notes these unique releases will hail the start of The Angels touring the country to celebrate a career that has been shared with their fans from 1974 right through to 2014.

You can click here to read all about these new albums at…

Getting Ready For The Footy Show Tonight

April 3rd, 2014

The Angels - Getting Ready For A Big Night On The Footy Show - Channel 9 - 8:30pm - 3rd April - 2014It’s all go for The Angels during their 40th Anniversary and this week is no exception. The band are pumping out the rock on the TV later today and again tomorrow morning.

Tune in around 8:30pm tonight on Channel 9′s Footy Show to get a taste of the very unique musical force that keeps the evolution rolling for Australia’s most enduring rock band.

It’s part of the prelude to a tour that will cross the country celebrating a huge four decades of recording, touring and running amok.

Then…. to wake up you and all your workmates tomorrow we suggest you turn your set to Channel 7′s Morning Show just after 9:30am, crank up the volume and get a little taste of what the weekend was made for.

These TV performances mark the start of a very special tour in the history of Australian rock. Tickets are already selling fast – if you’re a fan of good rock and you don’t want to miss these once in a lifetime shows from The Angels then you can click here to find your choice of dozens of venues around the country.

They Even Came From England…

April 2nd, 2014

The Angels - Mr Damage's 40th Birthday Party - Extra Brewsters Join The Fun On Stage -The Basement - 1st April - 2014 - (L-R) Rick Brewster - Nick Norton - Dave Gleeson - John Brewster - Tom Brewster(Drumming) - Harry Brewster - Sam BrewsterMr Damage’s 40th Birthday Party last night was advertised as “…a once in a lifetime event” and it didn’t fail to measure up.

The Angels invited hundreds of guests from the pool of people they’ve entertained, worked with and made friends with over the last four decades. The party was flooded with record company executives, booking agents, past and present crew members, journalists and fans, all ready for a rockin’ good time on a school night.

… and rock it did! Always at the core of the songs has been the Brewster-Driven-Riffs and in this photo from Craig Peihopa we can see that the number of Brewsters on stage during the party multiplied for a while as both Tom & Harry Brewster jumped on stage to help push those riffs to an even greater rhythmic pinnacle.

Australia’s most authoritave rock historian Glenn A Baker gave his time freely to act as Master Of Ceremonies for the evening. When the show got underway he referred to a text he had written decades ago as The Angels began their formative career, and now it was great to see all these years later how the continued evolution of the country’s greatest pub rock outfit is still forging ahead.

The Angels - Mr Damage's 40th Birthday Party - A Complete Success!Held at The Basement in Sydney, it’s not the usual kind of room for a full tilt rock band, nonetheless the crew packed in the stage gear and some extra lights before they helped blow all the dust out of the venue’s sound system.

The first set was really well received as the band gave a full live perfromance of their recent studio album “TALK THE TALK“. Interval saw Glenn A Baker return to the stage where he led the entire audience through a very vocal rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Mr Damage.

After interval The Angels launched into a non-stop string of their radio hits while the crowd built into a frenzy that required not one but two complete encores.

Stacks of people flew in from all over the country to attend the party. Some guests we’re so hell bent on joining in the fun that they made a special trip all the way from Cambridge in England. Commitment like that is a shining example of why The Angels 40th Anniversary will go down in Australian rock history as a national achievement.

I’m very proud of the band and I thank them for such a great party.” – Mr Damage.

TALK THE TALK Album Tour Keeps On Rolling

March 26th, 2014

The Angels - TALK THE TALK - Special Album Tour - 2014Continuing on from the successful release of their 2014 studio album “TALK THE TALK“, The Angels are this week taking their unique brand of Brewster-Driven -Riffs into some of Victoria’s hottest rock venues.

Thursday 27th March sees the band playing at Melbourne’s legendary Corner Hotel in Richmond followed by shows on Friday 28th March at the very popular Doncaster Shoppingtown Hotel and then on Saturday 29th March at the Sandbelt Hotel in downtown Moorabbin.

Fans who have already attended the special limited shows on this album based tour have been raving about the new songs on the latest recording. “It really is like a return to where the band first came from but with the future built right in….”

These gigs are a last chance for fans of The Angels to catch a taste of theĀ TALK THE TALK album tour with just one show being added at the Doyalson RSL in NSW next week…. check the Gigs Page before it’s all over!

Not Just Pubs That Are Rockin’ To The New Tour

March 25th, 2014

The Angels Rock The Crowd At "A Day On The Green" In The Hunter Valley - 22nd March 2014Proving that their pub rock sound has what it takes to pump up even the largest festival crowds The Angels have just done two huge outdoor gigs in the last couple of weeks with another two just around the corner in QLD

The band recently headlined with Mi-Sex and Aussie guitar legend Diesel at the Bayside Beats concert in WA. Diesel got swept away by the rock to the point where he joined The Angels on stage for a couple of special epic renditions during the encore.

This photo taken from backstage by Mark Gable shows the crowd absolutely rocking out at A Day On The Green last Saturday in Bimbadgen Winery as John Brewster & Dave Gleeson thank the audience for a huge response to the band’s set.

Coming up this weekend after the Melbourne leg of the TALK THE TALK tour the band head straight to Sirromet Wines in Mt Cotton where it’s Queensland’s turn to enjoy this season’s A Day On The Green on Sunday March 30th.

Mr Damage’s 40th Birthday Party

February 26th, 2014

The Angels Celebrate Mr Damage's 40th BirthdayMr Damage has always been synonymous with the hosting of The Angels successful career as they have moved across four decades of writing and performing so many of Australia’s greatest pub rock hits.

On Tue 1st April 2014 the band deliver a very special one time only event at Sydney’s classic venue The Basement as they play host to Mr Damage’s 40th Birthday Party.

This particular choice of venue will treat ticket holders to a very up close and intimate atmosphere as they enjoy an entire night of music from The Angels. The party will begin with a performance of the new studio album TALK THE TALK after which listeners will be privy to a whole raft of the band’s famous hits drawn from their 40 years of writing, recording and touring.

Mr Damage says… “I am particularly looking forward to celebrating my birthday with the band and their friends. There is little doubt that they will accord me a fine evening of celebration and style while I soak up the very riffs and beats to which I have become so accustomed.

Tickets to this once in a lifetime event are strictly limited. You can Click Here to go straight through to the Gig Page for Mr Damage’s 40th Birthday Party and get all the info on how to join in the fun.

Two Huge New Albums On The Way

February 24th, 2014

The Angels - 40th Anniversary Album - Volume 1 - 40 Greatest STUDIO HitsIt’s rare if ever that a band has the catalogue to offer a paired release which yields the depth of hits that are packed onto these two new upcoming albums. This twin set of live & studio recordings from The Angels will represent the spearhead of celebrations for the band’s exciting 40th Anniversary this year.

Albert Music & Liberation Records have joined forces to bring the Australian public a unified compendium of the band’s most epic recordings reaching from The Angels first release in 1974 right through to tracks from their latest studio album & live gigs in 2014.

This unique pair of albums truly covers the band’s entire 40 year career!

The Angels - 40th Anniversary Album - Volume 2 - 40 Greatest LIVE HitsLead Guitarist Rick Brewster says the band will also be launching a special web site for fans to enjoy with a full history section for each member past and present.

After being part of The Angels for the last four decades, I have been priveleged to work with every line-up of the band over the years,” he says. “We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of all the musicians who have been members of the band over its 40 year history, as well as everyone who contributed to all our albums and tours…. we are proud of the band and we intend to keep rocking for many years to come!

Rhythm guitarist John Brewster says the band can’t wait to get out on the road and celebrate with fans. “These releases and the tour that goes with this anniversary of the formation of the band celebrate the proud history that we have in live performance. That history includes each and every one who has played in the band over the years, everyone who has worked with the band, from the roadies to management, to record company representatives and most importantly the fans!

The Angels – Volume 1 – 40 Greatest STUDIO Hits” and “The Angels – Volume 2 – 40 Greatest LIVE Hits” will be released on Friday 2nd May 2014 with tickets for the tour to go on sale Monday 3rd March. This will be an epic moment in the history of Australian rock music that is not to be missed!

“Red Hot Summer” – One Of The Best Tours Ever…

February 22nd, 2014

The Angels - Red Hot Summer Tour - January & February - 2014The Angels kicked off their 40th Anniversary in 2014 by playing as top local artist billed on the Red Hot Summer Tour featuring famous international headliner Suzi Quatro.

Rick Brewster was quoted as saying “This was one of the best tours we’ve ever done. The show had everything you’d want – the crowds were amazing, the promoter did a fantastic job and as a result there was a genuine camaderie amongst the great selection of bands – the people, the staff and the food were excellent. Rock’n'Roll is definitely alive and well. In a way I was sad to see these dates come to an end!

Dave Shares A Moment With Suzi

February 22nd, 2014

The Angels - Dave Gleeson Shares A Moment With Suzi Quatro - Red Hot Summer Tour - 2014Over the early months of 2014 The Angels have been playing as the top billing local guests for legendary bass chic Suzi Quatro while the Red Hot Summer Tour winds its way across regional Australia.

Aside from famous rock hits like 48 Crash, Can The Can & Devil Gate Drive this Detroit rocker recorded the epic ballad duet Stumblin’ In and on this tour she found no better partner to join in on vocals than The Angels own front man Dave Gleeson.

Dates Announced For 40th Anniversary Tour

February 22nd, 2014

The Angels - Celebrating 40 Years Of RockAs The Angels begin to celebrate 40 years of delivering the finest Australian Pub Rock the band are pleased to announce a raft of new tour dates which will allow fans to join in with this great moment in recent music history.

Throughout the band’s continued evolution the one defining mainstay has been the affection offered by fans for the Brewster-Driven-Riffs that are the core of The Angels unique brand of guitar based hit songs.

The music itself is the central element that has allowed The Angels to become Australia’s most enduring rock band as they continue to write and record new albums while constantly entertaining audiences across the country.

Join in the celebration as 2014 sees the band unroll their 40th Anniversary Tour into dozens of quality rock music venues around Australia. Be there with your friends to enjoy high energy live gigs delivered by a band who has always stood the test of time.

Tickets for this special tour will undoubtedly be selling fast so be sure to Click On This Link To Our Gigs Page where you can find a date to join in the fun.

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