40th Anniversary Tickets Moving Fast

July 29th, 2014

The Angels - 40th Anniversary Tour - 1974 - 2014 - Charles Hotel - SOLD OUT - Sat 2nd AugustAs the 40th Anniversary Tour for The Angels marches forward there’s been a huge response from the public.

Both shows in Sydney last weekend at Revesby and Penrith were fully Sold Out. Now we’ve just got word that there are no tickets left for the Saturday gig on the WA leg of the tour.

…still, no need to despair though because there are three more Anniversary shows this week for West Australian fans of The Angels.

Visit the Gigs Page to get ticketing info for Newport Hotel Thu 31st, Wintersun Hotel Fri 1st & Ravenswood Hotel Sun 3rd.

Home Town Is Full Up

July 18th, 2014

The Angels - The Gov - Adelaide - Sold Out - Fri 18th  & Sat 19th July - 2014 Heading back to where it all began, this weekend The Angels are playing two nights at the legendary Adelaide venue The Gov.

Before the band even arrived in town for the gigs the tickets had sold so well that the place will be overflowing with fans and the hotel will be hanging the “Full House” sign outside.

With the 40th Anniversary Tour reaching mid-point now is the time to get some tickets.

Hit the Gigs Page on this site and find out where the band are playing their next shows.

Geelong Sold Out – Tour Starts Heading West

July 11th, 2014

The Angels - 40th Anniversary Tour - Geelong Show Sold Out - 11th July 2014The 40th Anniversary Tour for The Angels sees another town getting out and having a good time with live music as the show in Geelong tonight sells out completely.

After four decades of performing, the band are rapt that fans still enjoy the music as much today as they did “back then“.

Over the next few weeks the tour starts heading west into Adelaide. Then, around the end of the month, the band will be making the trip across to Western Australia with a run of shows that start in Fremantle at the Newport Hotel on Thursday 31st July.

The Angels Do The Full Brazilian

June 30th, 2014

The Angels Do The Full Brazilian - Thursday 3rd July 2014 On SBS ONE @ 7:30pmThe Angels will be playing on the SBS ONE TV show The Full Brazilian this Thursday 3rd July 2014.

Airing at 7:30pm the show is focused around the current FIFA World Cup fever. Fans can even Click Here to enquire about joining in the fun by being a part of the studio audience.

The word is that frontman Dave Gleeson will also be a member of the studio panel during the broadcast…. look out soccer!

Race & Rock – Darwin Gets Into It

June 24th, 2014

The Angels - Race & Rock Crowd - Darwin - 21st June 2014Fast cars and rock music have always gone together and last Saturday at Race & Rock in Darwin was no exception.

After a big fat day of V8 action the crowds were ready to round the day off with some night time entertainment. With a huge number of fans eager for some fun The Angels hit the stage after Baby Animals to share in the good times.

Here’s how it looked for the band, over 11,000 rock hungry fans giving it their all!


40th Anniversary Tour Hits Tasmania

June 17th, 2014

The Angels - Launceston Tasmania - 14th June 2014For quite some time now fans in Tasmania have been inviting The Angels to come down to the Apple Isle and do their thing… last weekend the group did just that.

It was evident just how much the locals love their rock when the band played two sold out shows at Wrest Point Casino and the Launceston Country Club across Friday and Saturday night.

These shows are part of the ongoing 40th Anniversary Tour that is marching around the country to celebrate four decades since the group embarked on a journey which began during the 1970′s in Adelaide.

The history behind The Angels has always been one of an ongoing evolution. Now as the 21st century gets well under way this tour opens the next chapter in their continuing story.


June 4th, 2014

RIP Doc Neeson - 4th January 1947 - 4th June 2014

Doc stood out as one of a kind, a totally unique performer. His feverish stage presence was unsurpassed yet beneath the public persona was a gentle soul.

He leaves behind a wealth of shared memories. Good times, hard times and the thrill of creating timeless music together.

RIP Doc – Rick Brewster

I’ve found myself thinking back to the wonderful days of the Moonshine Jug and String Band when we first met Doc, the residencies at the Modbury Hotel, Adelaide Rowing Club, the Finsbury, all the great gigs that that zany, crazy band performed at, the parties at Doc’s rented house in Glenunga, SA. We had so much fun back then.

Somehow that band turned into The Angels, i.e. Doc, Rick, Charlie King and me and we went out on the road, literally, in my old 1964 EH Holden station wagon. The endless highway playing every night of the week, mostly in dives, learning how to do it by live performance and writing better and better songs.

Eventually the band, including Buzz Bidstrup and Chris Bailey, hit it big in 1978 and Doc became one of the great frontmen of all time, a dynamic, demonic, artistic and imposing performer who would give it his all night after night, totally spent at the end of each show.
There was a deep, sensitive and gentle side to Doc. In this sad time of his passing I’ll remember him for that and the good times we had together, now and forever more.

- John Brewster

Old Blood – New Bonds – Packed Venue

May 31st, 2014

The Angels - Bob Spencer visits John Brewster at The Chelsea Heights Hotel - 31st May 2014It just might have been the worst kept music industry secret this week. Bob Spencer, one time guitarist for The Angels, last night made a “surprise” appearance on stage during the encore of the launch gig for the band’s new 40th Anniversary Tour.

With the Chelsea Heights Hotel absolutely packed and the crowd calling for more after a dynamite set, Bob helped to kick off the new Anniversary Tour by playing live alongside John Brewster for the first time ever!

Bob’s surprise appearance began with a version of “Dogs Are Talking“, a song built around a riff he himself had written during his years in the mid-80′s lineup of the band. He was then welcomed to stay on for a pumping version of the ever popular “Can’t Shake It“.

When you consider the enormous response from the audience as Bob came on stage it’s obvious the fans themselves have in no way forgotten the creativity and energy he brought to the band. This unique union of players proved that old blood can make new bonds.

40th Anniversary Tour Underway

May 29th, 2014

The Angels - 40th Anniversary Albums Released & New Tour UnderwayThis week finds Melbourne audiences being the first to join in celebrations that mark four decades since The Keystone Angels embarked on an uncharted roadmap of often insane touring schedules… tours that would lead to The Angels becoming the most enduring rock band in Australian history.

Over the course of the group’s evolution their catalogue of songs has wound its way into the hearts and minds of a generation that made pub rock an institution across the nation.

Like utes and bourbon, The Angels have always been there – rockin’ out the crowds from packed suburban venues right through to international concert shows.

Now as the 21st century rolls on the band is continuing to deliver power-house shows while gathering up a whole new generation of fans, ones who are discovering for the first time just why The Angels make for an ideal night out on the town.

With the recent release of studio album “TALK THE TALK“, followed by the two huge new 40th Anniversary Greatest Hits album sets, 2014 is set to see the band deliver one of their most memorable touring schedules ever…….

Click here to catch a 40th Anniversary Show

Click here to read about the new Greatest Hits Album Sets

Click here to get a copy of the latest studio album “TALK THE TALK”

Brewsters To Be Inducted Into AMC Hall Of Fame

May 7th, 2014

The Angels - John & Rick Brewster To Be Inducted Into The AMC Hall Of Fame - 16th May 2014On Friday 16th May, in Adelaide, brothers John & Rick Brewster will be performing at the AMC Sessions on a bill hosted by Dave Flanagan and supported by music artists The Timbers and Kelly Menhennet.

As well as performing live at this very special event, the evening will see Rick & John Brewster inducted into the AMC SA Music Hall Of Fame alongside Rob Riley, Ray O’Connor, John Schumann and Barry McAskill.

Having first started their performance career in the 1970′s Moonshine Jug & String Band the brothers quickly switched across to the growing pub rock scene in a move that would see them begin a music and songwriting career for which no one would have anticipated the outcome.

Now after their band The Angels have seen four decades of continually performing at venues, festivals and concerts, both here and overseas, as well as enjoying an ongoing calender of recording and radio airplay their hometown of Adelaide has chosen to honour the guitar playing brothers with an induction into the Hall Of Fame at the Adelaide Music Collective.

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