‘Darkroom Recharged’ Tour – Postponed To Next Year

‘Darkroom Recharged’ Tour – Postponed To Next Year

The Angels regret that the Darkroom Recharged Tour – 2021 will be postponed until next year to due to various issues bought on by Covid-19 restrictions

The Angels regret to announce that the Darkroom Recharged Tour, scheduled for this year, 2021, will now be postponed until next year.

Unfortunately, the on-again-off-again Covid 19 restrictions that can vary from state to state have been wreaking havoc with various gigs going ahead on the advertised dates. It’s difficult to ensure that a show will go ahead or be confident that all band members can get from where they live to the location of various shows.

The band are disappointed to make this announcement but will endeavour to keep our fans informed as soon as possible about a set of dates that will allow them to present the Darkroom Recharged Tour in a manner that is in keeping with their commitment to the traditions of Australian live touring.


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