The Angels - Take It To The Streets - Remixed 2020 - Album - Front CoverThe Angels - Take It To The Streets - Remixed 2020 - Album - Front Cover

Take It To The Streets – CD
Remixed 2020 – The Angels


When Dave Gleeson agreed to join The Angels as their new front-man in 2011 the band then went straight into Alberts Studios in Sydney and threw themselves into recording. The result was ‘Take It To The Streets‘.

Now, in 2020, the album has been remixed in Adelaide by Greg Clifford and Jared Nettle. It’s a new version of the release with an altered track listing. The album now also includes the bonus track ‘La Grange‘ which sees John Brewster jumping in on harmonica to add an interesting slant to this classic track from ZZ Top.

Take It To The Streets‘ was also the last full album on which Chris Bailey, the band’s wonderful friend and bass player, played prior to his passing.

The band are immensely proud of this album. It captures the spirit of a group determined to keep going, all the while writing, recording and performing live – just as the current line up has done now for close to 10 years. The new mixes on this re-release of ‘Take It To The Streets‘ capture that spirit beautifully.

Chris Bailey said of ‘Take It To The Streets‘…”We felt like we had a real opportunity to show what we could do. It was an open canvas. There were no expectations. We didn’t have to deliver for anybody but ourselves. We all wanted to be there, we all wanted to play, we all wanted to make a new Angels album. A great album.

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