What A Red Hot Time We Had

February 19th, 2018

Red Hot Summer - Bribie Island - 11th Feb - 2018

They do it every time – The whole crew from Regional Touring on The Red Hot Summer Tour always excel and we always have a fantastic time.

Big thanks goes out to Duane McDonald, all the other bands, the road crew, the caterers, PT the MC, Tony and the security blokes, Fuzzie, Sally at the merch desk – the camaraderie was amazing.

The whole thing’s revved us right up so now we can’t wait to catch you on the upcoming Face To Face 40th Anniversary Tour.

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May – July – 2018

Thanks to Sean Strecker for these aerial shots of the last show of the tour at Bribie Island
( not long before a storm came through and nuked things… )


Special Shows – How The Songs Came To Be – Q&A

January 15th, 2018

The Angels Book Tour Round 2 - March 2018

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March – 2018


The Brewster Brothers are embarking on the second round of their Book Tour which includes featured question & answer sessions with the audience where Rick & John will offer hidden insight into the highs and lows of the The Angels history as well as how their legendary songs and albums came to be!

Come on a journey told through music and stories while learning more than you thought you ever knew about The Angels and their songs!

Held at select venues in New South Wales during March these shows will allow aficionados of The Angels to enjoy furthering their knowledge of an extremely influential part of Australian rock history.


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March – 2018

Come To The Bridge – Get Named On The Video Credits

December 1st, 2017

Next Friday 8th December The Angels will be creating a live audio and video recording of their special Face To Face 40th Anniversary preview show at Sydney’s Bridge Hotel.

Become a part of rock history…. as an audience member you can sign the sheet and then your name will be immortalised in the credits of the video upon its release.

Head To The Bridge On Friday December 8th!
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The Angels - Face To Face Anniversary Preview Show

Vale Malcolm Young

November 20th, 2017

Malcolm Young - AC/DC

John, Rick and all of The Angels wish to express our deepest sorrow at the death of Malcolm Young.

Mal was a friend from way back in 1975 when we met him and the guys from AC/DC in Pt Pirie SA. He played a massive part in our career by introducing us to his brother George and Harry Vanda in that same year, resulting in our contract with Alberts. John and Rick have great memories of the gigs we did together, trading guitar riffs in hotel rooms, barbecues at George’s house jamming in his music room, and being present at a number of AC/DC recording sessions as they were at ours. Also we toured the country with AC/DC in February 1981, the Back in Black tour. Mal was a great guy, a gentleman who could be hard as nails in his determination for the band to succeed on the world stage.

John: “Mal was the best rhythm guitarist, solid as a rock, and a huge influence on my own playing”.

Our condolences to Angus, Fifa, Harry and his family. RIP Malcolm Young.

Face To Face – Anniversary Tour – Preview Show

November 15th, 2017

The Angels - Face To Face Anniversary Preview ShowIt’s hard to believe but in 2018 it will be the 40th Anniversary of The Angels highly influential album “Face To Face“, a record which firmly put the band on the rock’n’roll map.

The album spawned tracks that still hold pride of place in the Australian psyche including “Take A Long Line”, “After The Rain” and “Be With You“.

John Brewster says the album was named “Face To Face” because in the hey-day of Australian rock the band and the audience were so close to each other that the gigs were a kind of happy up-close confrontation.

It’s for this reason that The Angels have chosen Sydney’s Bridge Hotel on Friday December 8th for this special preview show. John says “This hotel is one of the last bastions of real pub rock with its sticky carpets and close quarters. The venue is a way to enjoy the music as it was originally delivered.

Head To The Bridge On Friday December 8th!
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Enmore Encore

October 24th, 2017

Enmore Encore - Guests - Diesel, - Brian Lizotte - Harry Brewster - 20th Oct 2017Diesel with his brother Brian Lizotte on trombone, along with Harry Brewster on guitar, join The Angels for “Can’t Shake It” during the encore at The Enmore Theatre.

George Young – RIP

October 23rd, 2017

George Young - RIP


The Angels are distressed to hear of the passing of George Young who, together with Harry Vanda, played such a massive and pivotal role in helping us develop and define our sound.

John Brewster, in his facebook post, says… “George was the most inspirational person I’ve ever worked with and a real gentleman. I doubt that The Angels could have done it without his guidance and influence. Alberts was a true family. We’re blessed to have been a part of it and to have known him.” Rick Brewster adds… “George brought out the best in everyone he worked with.

– RIP George Young –

Dark Room Album – Limited Edition Vinyl Re-Issue

August 18th, 2017

Dark Room Album - Limited Edition Re-IssueFriday 18th August – The Angels & Liberation Music are very proud to announce the limited edition re-issue of the band’s iconic Dark Room album – This is an album considered to be right up there with the best the band has had to offer.

Dark Room was the last album from The Angels album to feature the original line up of John Brewster, Doc Neeson(RIP), Rick Brewster, Chris Bailey(RIP) & Buzz Bidstrup.

The music was captured on 2” analogue tape at Paradise Studios, Sydney in 1980 and mixed by John Boylan and John Brewster in Los Angeles.

The analogue sound of this album on vinyl is amazing and we are really excited that it is now being re-issued for our fans” – John Brewster

Purchase this limited edition vinyl re-issue of the Dark Room album at the following selected retailers before they run out of stock.

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