‘No Secrets’ – New Video From ‘Darkroom Recharged’

‘No Secrets’ – New Video From ‘Darkroom Recharged’

No Secrets‘, the first Top 10 hit from The Angels, concludes with a whispered question:

Can you please tell me what the time is?

Remarkably, it’s time for the 40th anniversary of ‘Darkroom‘, the classic Angels album featuring ‘Face The Day, Night Comes Early‘, ‘Devil’s Gate‘, ‘Poor Baby,  ‘No Secrets‘ and ‘Wasted Sleepless Nights‘.

To continue the celebration here’s the new clip for ‘No Secrets‘ from the band’s latest release, the ‘Darkroom Recharged‘ double album.

The album has been re-recorded, both in the studio and live. The live show has also been filmed. It’s part of The Angels’Recharged” series (which has already seen the band revisit 1978’s Face To Face and their follow-up album No Exit).

This special double album edition includes the bonus track ‘Under The Stone‘ on the Studio disc while the Live disc adds in the band’s classic live version of ‘We Gotta Get Out Of This Place‘ from the Sweden Rock Festival in 2015.

Can You Please Tell Me What The Time Is?